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Legal translation services can cover many different areas including contracts and agreements, immigration documents, witnesses statements, court orders, depositions, patents, litigation documents, articles of incorporation, and property labels, for example. It is not just written documents that require legal translation though — the attendance of an interpreter in a court-room for example could also be required in some cases.

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The process of converting the spoken word from one language to another. Legal translation is a highly specialised field, and cannot be carried out by a translator who does not have expertise in this industry. A legal translator requires several skills, such as:.

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Like science and religion, legal language requires coherence, precision, and a respect for tradition. All of our translators are aware of the cultural, social and linguistic equivalence of both of their languages. As well as conforming to the specific legal language, the translator must always keep in mind that every phrase, hidden meaning and nuance should be kept as accurate as possible.

It is also important to consider that all law firms have different practice areas such as banking, dispute resolution, employment and benefits, insurance, intellectual property, private equity, real estate and litigation. Legal translation is one of the toughest nuts to crack, but working with a professional and reputable language service provider will assure your translations are accurate, timely and secure. Combining translation technology with language experts can help to improve turnaround times, reduce cost and maintain a high level of quality.

We use a variety of tools to help the translation process be as seamless as possible.

Find out more about some of our technology tools:. Custom built engines can be integrated into the process, increasing productivity, whilst reducing costs and turnaround times. Evaluate and convert PDF documents into translatable files, addressing any possible issues with the source content. Measure the quality of source files quickly and easily, before the start of the project.

Overcoming the challenges in legal translation

Lawyers can numerous challenges face when dealing with multilingual documents in the litigation process, including adhering to strict deadlines and security requirements. Globalisation and the increase in international business relations and political and economic integration, which led to integration between legal systems, made the demand for legal translations higher than ever.

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Successful legal translation must meet the following requirements:. Accuracy of a legal document translation depends largely on word selection and syntax. The formal language contained in a document shall be used in the same order.

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A slight paraphrase can change the legal meaning of a document. Highest accuracy includes identifying the local language requirements and proofreading documents before delivery. Accurate legal translations can be delivered only by highly specialised translators who have a comprehensive working knowledge and experience in the legal industry. A legal translator not only translates from one language into another but also translates from one legal system into another and must understand local culture and have an in depth knowledge of the legal system in place in the country for which the translation is intended.

Legal translation is often more difficult than other types of translation because each system has its own legal terminology. A good legal translator shall have extensive knowledge of the relevant legal terminology in both the source and target languages and be a specialist in a particular legal area, such as:. Since many legal documents contain sensitive data, all law translations are to remain strictly confidential.

Legal translators shall accept confidentiality and security issues very seriously and be able to provide a non-disclosure agreement.