Guide Three Types of Christian Counseling

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Use your desire to help others by finding the right counseling degree program from a top accredited school today. The U.

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  • Direction: Responsible Christian Counseling.
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Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities in counseling are favorable and job openings are expected to exceed the number of students graduating from counseling schools. No matter what type of counseling program you complete, professionals in every field foster respect and trust. Combined with such a positive job outlook, a career in counseling is a win-win all the way.

Christian Counseling

Share This Article. However, there is the risk of falling into 'Christian-ese' [shorthand terms used by Christians] which can mean you are not DEEPLY thinking about what you mean or having to explain yourself. Actually, seeing a non-Christian can make you really think what you mean and explain yourself.

Christian Counseling #6 - Counseling Terms and Types

You will also be sharing your faith in all you say. This research dissertation covers the topic in lots of detail. Types of Christian counselling There are so many counselling options available - how do you know which ones to go for?

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Depending on the type of counselling, the counsellor may talk a lot or be quite silent, but it is often a mixture of listening and prompting - believeing that many of the answers are actually inside the person. One problem with this is that the person may be genuinely at a loss and a word of advice or teaching might be more useful. Psychotherapists typically have the longest training and will be best equipped to deal with extremes of risk and emotion as they are often part of local NHS services with high levels of support. More Articles.