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There, Egged on by a group of hot, horny soldiers and one of the strippers, David dares Karl to take to the stage and strip. EXPLICIT: This amazingly arousing story contains 7, words to delight your imagination with hot, graphic descriptions of, anal, oral, fisting, deep throat, facials, bukkake, and public exhibitionist group sex. Quickly he takes command, ordering me to undress and punishing me when I forget to call him by his full name. He then humiliates me by leading me by collar and leash through the BDSM club as the patrons grope and spank and pinch at my naked, exposed body.

It's Ash's first time on a nude beach, and he is determined to make the most of the exhibitionist opportunities for showing off his hot sexy body. His Partner, Phil leaves him alone on the beach within sight of a hot, voyeur BBC guy, who makes his move when Ash invites him over to rub sun screen all over his naked body.

Upon returning from his swim, Phil finds his partner entertaining the young black guy and he wastes no time in joining in to make theirs a perfect MMM threeway experience. EXPLICIT: This unbelievably sexy story contains 8, words to arouse your imagination with the hottest, most graphic descriptions of masturbation, dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism and group sex with a not so innocent first time exchange student. Between courses, they were to treat me with the whips, riding crops and paddles that the Master had so thoughtfully provided, and for dessert, my body was to be used by all in a hot, drenched orgy of pleasure.

The Gay Movie Trilogy: A total of 30, words of hot, gay action. At a fantastically low price for a limited time only, a total of 30, words of hot, gay action. Tempted by the Hot Exchange Student The English exchange student loved showing off his hot, firm teenaged body in front of Jason, making things very hard for the young man indeed — especially when he gives him a peak at the contents of his miniscule Speedos.

He leads me by collar and leash through his BDSM club as the patrons grope and spank and pinch at my naked, exposed body, and then he takes me to his dungeon …. An unbelievably hot trio of sexy gay tales! Julian and his husband, Cameron book on a sexy, anything goes gay cruise.

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Join in the hot, steamy exhibitionism with sexy Josh Lance, a new comer to the public scene — as he explores the heady world of the gay adult cinema scene. Once a month, a ladies-only night reigned over the restaurant. It pushed her to work every angle to get the biggest tip, including once stripping down to her underwear and offering herself as a sushi plate, a brazen act that had been rewarded by a night with two beautiful actresses in the Secret Garden.

It was a hunger accompanied by unspoken wants. Could they express their long-held desires safely here? There were many beautiful women, respecting the dress code in a variety of colors and styles. All women were beautiful to her and she loved showing them how much allure they could have if they learned to harness it. Staring unashamedly at one group, a work social, she felt the flush of lust that had been absent recently.

Megan had never worried about gym class. Her friends would spit out derogatory names at Athena based on her Greek heritage, but Megan herself was never a bitch.

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Megan was the stuff of fantasies and at university, when Athena had started to understand that she was attracted to women as well as men, she fondly recalled her. The rumor was that when the graduating class had moved on to work or university, Megan had headed down the aisle with her boyfriend, her pregnant belly barely showing. Athena moistened her lips, wondering how Megan would taste.

You know from experience about my skills, honey. But play fair, okay? Unsurprisingly, she had gotten her way. Rolling her hips, which had developed late in life along with her beauty, she wondered whether Megan would remember her. She was plumper than Athena remembered, with curves replacing toned limbs and a slight podge at her stomach.

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Megan was a woman now and Athena had to claim her. It was time to earn her tip. I will do and be anything you wish. Your pleasure is mine.

The women looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and disbelief, but not with the naughty gazes she was hoping for. Any other requests? She could already see Electra being dragged willingly onto the laps of table six. Her hands trembled as she reached out. Pleasure traveled all the way up to her scalp, drawing a shiver of longing, her sex pulsating slightly in expectation of more. With a dry throat, Athena turned and stared. Normally, Athena would have used this to her advantage, skill and experience enabling her to maximize her tip, but she was speechless.

To be looked at by Megan with hunger and adoration was unexpected, and the extent of her reaction frightened her. Or, even better, support your local independent bookstore and place your order through them!

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Not sure if you are ready to buy? Sexy vacations. Actually, any vacation is sexy in my book. I get to visit a new place, learn history, sample different foods, and pretend, if only for a week, that I am a globetrotting Jetsetter. I get to unwind, spend some quality time with hubby, and explore the world beyond our little corner of Southern California.

One of my favorite vacation destinations so far was rambling the countryside of Kalamata, Greece. We went with another couple. Leah spoke pretty good Greek—or so she thought until she conversed with the natives! Sounds familiar? We went a week before high season, so the rates were low and the Aegean not yet warm. But no way did a little brisk water stop us from swimming.

It was warm once you were in for a few minutes. We made a three-hour side trip to Athens to see the Acropolis. I wanted to sit there all day and bask in the aura of ancient gods, goddesses, muses, and nymphs. Hubby asked the tour guide all kinds of questions. And if it had been possible, I would have sat down with my laptop and pounded out several stories.

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Tried to imagine how the Acropolis looked in all its glory, before time and wars had left it a mere skeleton, only the bones left for us to admire. Here I was, standing amid history, among the very buildings dedicated to the gods of Greek mythology!

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Then after the muses took pity on me and whispered a few story ideas, we looked out over the Acropolis hilltop and marveled at the view of Athens from our vantage point. We spend about three hours wondering the Acropolis. And sadly, we arrived too late to tour the museum at the base of the Acropolis, which I heard is fabulous.

The blood of the ancient Spartans runs through the Mani people who live in the Peloponnese countryside. They were a tough people living in a harsh land too arid and rocky for farming. We stopped at Diros where we climbed onto small boats, and rowers guided us through the waist-deep water into a confusing maze of gorgeous caves. There are many sunken pirate ships in the small bays along the coast. A haven for scuba divers.

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From the road above we could see a few of them. We dined on Aegean fish caught that day by local fisherman, gorged on succulent enormous octopus, slurped delicious Greek coffee, supped on many local Greek dishes, drank too much ouzo, and danced the night away at a local Greek club. I guess the muses worked overtime on this writer, because I got several solid stories ideas from the trip.

Any trip that provides that kind of fun and creativity is definitely SEXY! Hippolyta, at his immediate right, could scarcely keep her eyes off of Theseus as they marched to the palace. He was a strapping man, taller than she, and with a presence so commanding she knew the stories about him must be true. Here was a man who might be worthy of her respect. Hippolyta inhaled his scent, a blend of sea and air and male, that for some strange reason she found quite enticing. They were large and muscular, with thick fingers and clean, square-shaped nails.

Hands that were more suitable for pummeling a Minotaur to death than writing treaties or caressing a lover. She imagined what such powerful hands might feel like on her body, then looked away, horrified by her lewd thoughts. Theseus was just a man!

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And men were…well, Amazons had no use for men. Theseus stood before the vacant throne while Hippolyta, standing with her squad, waited for him to grow impatient. He did not. In fact, Theseus never shifted his weight or clenched his fists. The Amazons stood silent as statues, a show of military training that Hippolyta knew Theseus would appreciate. Theseus stood, his handsome face and confident stance indicating nothing less than utmost respect. Hippolyta felt a strange heat creep into her cheeks. Now you may leave.

The man unsettled her, his gaze too penetrating for comfort. Theseus rubbed his bearded chin. Surely, a multitude of topics might warrant any number of discussions.